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Saturday, 4 February 2012

How to avoid coupon scams & frauds

The coupons are becoming more popular these days after the scams and frauds that plagued the coupon industry several years back . This doesn't mean that the problems are over yet . So how to avoid comitting coupons fraud.

Dont buy coupons - If you have to pay money for coupons , then it could be a  coupon scam . Its in violation of manufacturer's policies . Normally coupons are free and charging for a coupon is a sure sign of a scam. Avoid coupons for which you have to pay .

Dont print more than the alloted coupons -  Dont print more coupons than the alloted number of coupons on the website . Dont take photocopies of coupons .

Dont believe too good to be true discounts : If the coupon promises very high savings , then you have to suspicious about that coupon . Do further investigation at the manufacturer's website or call the merchant and verify the fact .

Dont use expired coupons : Be ethical .

You can check for counterfiet coupons on the website of  Coupon Information center .  If you come across any fake coupons you can report to this organization.

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